At Tango Gameworks, our passion for gaming is unmatched. With this passion in mind,
we have built our development studio in a way that lets us create the games
we love to entertain players around the world.

Tango Gameworks is a proud member of the ZeniMax Media group,
an industry leader with game development studios all over the world.

Campany Profile

Corporate Name
ZeniMax Asia K.K.
Affiliated Studio: Tango Gameworks
January 2008
James L. Leder
Description of
Manufacture, sale, and development of game software
Principal Affiliated
ZeniMax Media Inc. (Rockville, MD)
Bethesda Game Studios (Rockville, MD) - The Elders Scrolls, Fallout
ZeniMax Online Studios (Hunt Valley, MD) - The Elder Scrolls Online
id Software (Dallas, TX) - DOOM, Quake
Arkane Studios (Lyon, France & Austin, TX) - Dishonored
Machine Games (Uppsala, Sweden) - Wolfenstein: The New Order
BattleCry Studios(Austin, TX)
ZeniMax Europe Ltd., ZeniMax Germany GmbH, ZeniMax France SAS, ZeniMax Benelux BV, ZeniMax Australia Pty Ltd., ZeniMax Asia Pacific Ltd.
Company History
January 2008
ZeniMax Asia K.K. Established
The company is established to promote and sell Bethesda Softworks software in the Asian market.
March 2010
Tango K.K. Established in Odaiba
Founded by Shinji Mikami, the father of the Resident Evil series, Tango is established to create games that appeal to a global market.
October 2010
Tango becomes a member of the ZeniMax Media group, one of the world’s foremost media organizations.
After being merged with ZeniMax Asia K.K., the studio is rebranded as Tango Gameworks.
August 2014
Tango Gameworks moves its office within Tokyo from Aomi to Shibaura, into a shared office with ZeniMax Asia K.K.’s sales department.
October 2014
“The Evil Within” Released
Awards include the Famitsu Platinum Hall of Fame Award, the Japan Game Awards 2014 Future Award, and the PlayStation® Awards 2014 User’s Choice Award.
March 2015
The Evil Within DLC 1 “The Assignment” Released
April 2015
The Evil Within DLC 2 “The Consequence” Released
May 2015
The Evil Within DLC 3 “The Executioner” Released
October 2017
“The Evil Within 2” Released
Received the Famitsu Platinum Hall of Fame Award.
Sumitomo Fudousan Mita Twin Bldg. East Wing 6F,
4-2-8 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023